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Coffee Blue supports our Armed Forces

In honour of Armed Forces Day, Coffee Blue is delighted to announce we have been awarded a bronze medal by the Armed Forces Covenant for our pledged support to the UK’s military services.

The Armed Forces Covenant is a promise that encourages the fair and respectful treatment of individuals and families of those who have served in our country’s armed forces.

In signing the Covenant, Coffee Blue has vowed to provide employment opportunities to veterans and service leavers, as well as support for those looking to make an easier transition into civilian life.

Coffee Blue Franchise Manager Martin Jones said: Reservists and veterans bring a variety of transferable skills and qualities to the civilian workplace, developed throughout their military careers.

“We are offering support to those leaving the armed forces by providing opportunities to work shorter hours and start their own business in a relaxed and friendly environment.

“The on-going support we offer is industry-leading. We are there to help former forces personnel obtain a better quality of life, balancing work and family with a professional business.”

The Covenant has amassed over 3000 signatories, including central and local governments, communities, charities, businesses and more.

Coffee Blue Managing Directors Gareth Edwards and Colin Smith said: The tireless work of our armed services and the sacrifice they have made in protecting our country deserves to be celebrated.

“Signing the Armed Forces Covenant and offering an opportunity for former forces personnel to make the transition into civilian life easier is the least we at Coffee Blue could do.

“We are proud to be pledging our support to such a cause and helping the armed forces community in any way we can.”

Discover more about the Armed Forces Covenant or sign up yourself here.

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