Mobile Coffee Van Ashford Kent

Coffee Blue’s Premier Mobile Coffee Comes To Ashford Kent

Coffee Blue’s award-winning mobile coffee service is coming to Ashford Kent.

Franchisee, Bruno D’agostino brings an eclectic professional background and a passion for good-quality coffee that stems from his Italian heritage.

Bruno has decided to take control of his working life by starting his own Coffee Blue business.

By combining his passion for coffee with his desire to provide a premium service throughout the Ashford area, Bruno is looking to take the Kent coffee community by storm.

If you’re located in Ashford and would like to book Bruno’s services or see a copy of his menu, you can do so by CLICKING HERE.

You can also keep up to date with all things Coffee Blue Ashford by visiting their Facebook page.

Without further ado, let’s get to know Ashford Kent’s latest and greatest mobile coffee service:

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name’s Bruno D’Agostino, I’m in my 50s and I am originally for Ashford in Kent where I am now living. But I’ve also lived in many other places including Devon, Surrey and even Italy.

I’m of an Italian family, who come from a town called Teles Terme about 30 miles North East of Naples.

Hence, that’s where my love of coffee comes from!

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

I volunteer as an officer for the Sea Cadet Corps. That involves a lot of going away with the cadets and I’m also a catering instructor for them.

I also teach leadership skills for senior cadets so when they get promoted, they know how to be a good leader. That takes up quite a bit of my time.

I also have two boys, Enzo and Emilio. So, a lot of my spare time at the moment is taken up by being a taxi for them and taking them to their football matches.

Enzo also plays golf as well so I spend a lot of time chaufferingthem around.

I’m also very my into my golf. I used to play quite a lot but struggle to find the time these days. My handicap at the moment is 18 but I doubt that will get much lower as I don’t have the chance to play very often.

Mobile Coffee Van Ashford Kent

What made you want to start your own franchise?

I’ve done various different jobs. For the last 16 years, I’ve worked for a high-street bank.

You can image the corporate culture there is very prescribed, very strict and, basically, I had enough of it.

I had enough of the corporate culture, had enough of where the banking industry was going in terms of how it interacts with its customers.

I wanted, really, to be in charge of my own life and not just be a ‘yes’ person. When I left the bank, I looked into becoming my own boss.

Why franchising? I did initally look into doing it on my own and I knew it had to be something I had a passion for.

So, being of Italian heritage, I had a passion for real coffee. And I have a passion for food, specifically, pizzas – real neopolitan pizzas.

I settled on two ideas: setting up my own wood-fired pizza company, or setting up my own mobile coffee van.

But when I looked into doing it off my own back, it was very complicated in terms of how to set it up and I knew I needed some help. That led me into franchising.

For the pizza business, I knew that if I wanted to set it up I’d be working evenings and weekends – which is the opposite to why I wanted to become my own boss in the first place.

That’s where I started discovering the mobile coffee businesses and I liked the idea of that.

Why Coffee Blue?

I chose Coffee Blue mainly for the van. The van is far superior to the competition. It looks classy, it’s well fitted and constructed.

But I also chose Coffee Blue for the brand. I think it’s the classiest in terms of the main mobile coffee franchises and it was a brand I could easily see myself buying into.

That was then supported by the fact that when I met the guys at Coffee Blue, I felt very much at home and that I’d be supported.

I like the fact that not everything is prescribed to you in that there’s a lot more flexibility with the products you can offer.

That allows me to put my own individual stamp on things.

Coffee Blue is very much about posh coffee and the upper end of the market. And I like the fact the brand portrays that.

I also love the coffee and the philosophy of the coffee. When I came on the introduction tour, I said that if I didn’t like the coffee that would be the end of it.

Thankfully, I did like the coffee which is good because I’m a real coffee snob.

Mobile Coffee Van Ashford Kent

What’s the response been like from friends and family?

Really, really supportive. They saw that I was really unhappy in the corporate culture. My wife, especially, saw that and saw what it was doing to my mental health.

When I said I need to move on, she fully-supported that. When I told her I was going to be selling coffee, she was really excited because she knew how much of a coffee snob I actually am.

She knew that I was really fussy when it came to coffee and that I would only serve the best.

She’s been 100% supportive and my boys are excited. My friends have been really supportive in giving me good contacts and I’ve had some positive feedback as well.

What advice would you give those interested in joining Coffee Blue?

The main advice, I would say, is meet the people.  Go out and talk to them face-to-face.

You get a good feeling looking at literature but nothing beats face-to-face conversation. That’s what this business will be all about: human interaction.

Have a look at the Vantastec factory and the work they put into the coffee vans.

Once you’ve seen the van, once you’ve tasted the coffee and once you’ve met the people,  it’s a strong sales pitch by itself – without anyone having to sell it to you.

Mobile Coffee Van Ashford Kent

What’s your favourite coffee to make and drink?

To drink: I’m pretty conservative, but you could say I’m a real coffee drinker. I drink espresso black with no sugar. I really love to taste the coffee.

To make:  Macchiato.  A macchiato has so many different interpretations to people, but what I liked about Coffee Blue is they have the correct interpretation of what a macchiato should look like. Not like a certain high street coffee chain…


What are your hopes for the future?

Obviously, to be a success.  What I’d like is for Coffee Blue to be known within Ashford Kent as the premier mobile coffee supplier.

I’d like for Coffee Blue Ashford Kent to be a place where you can get some quality coffee, quality food and be relied on.

I’d also like for it to be seen as a company that interacts with the community.

I’ll be using local suppliers for my cold and hot food. I think it’s very important you support local businesses and given something back to the community.

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