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Coffee Blue’s Premier Mobile Coffee Comes To Leicester East

Coffee Blue has launched a brand new mobile coffee service in the Leicester East area.

Franchisee, Ryan, starts serving award-winning coffee and food throughout the area on Monday March 15th.

With a background in hospitality management, Ryan was keen to venture into the mobile coffee industry and finally become his own boss.

We sat down (socially distanced) with Ryan during his training to learn more about him, his previous jobs, his reasons for franchising and much more.

If you’re located in Eastern Leicester and would love for Ryan to visit you at work or home on a daily basis, you can click here to book his services today.

You can also keep in touch with all things Coffee Blue Leicester East on their Facebook page.

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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Ryan and I’m from Wigston in Leicester.

What sort of jobs you had previously?

Previously, I’ve worked in the hospitality sector. Prior to Coffee Blue, I was a Manager for a popular pub chain for 15 years.

Before that, I worked in a hotel in my hometown.

I started there part-time in the bar when I was studying for a degree in Business & IT at Coventry University.

Then, I decided to go into hospitality because it was something I enjoyed.

The sales and marketing side I really liked – training staff to promote and upsell is where I excelled.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Lots of running.

I’ve done half marathons and the Great North Run twice for charity. We managed to raise £500 one year.

I’ve been wanting to do a full marathon but haven’t really got round to it.

Last year during lockdown I ran a lot, but I injured my ankle recently so haven’t been able to train as much.

I’ve also done Wolf runs, which is basically a 10km assault course through mud and forests.

Other than, I’m also a Leicester City season ticket holder. I’ve been going to games since the mid-90s during the Martin O’Neil era.

And I also enjoy going skiing whenever I can. I’ve been to Italy and Austria a couple of times.

mobile coffee leicester east

What made you want to start your own franchise?

For the last few years, I’ve wanted to be my own boss. So, I looked for something to do that’s different and I have an interest in.

It was between opening a micro brewery or coffee shop.

I then came across Coffee Blue which seemed like a good opportunity.

Why Coffee Blue?

The idea came from the first lockdown when I was queing for hardware store.

I thought to myself: “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a coffee right now?”

That gave me the idea of starting a mobile coffee business, so I began looking into whether it was something I could build a business off of.

Then, I stumbled across Coffee Blue. I read more into it and thought their business model was a good idea.

Even though it is a big investment, it seemed great value for money to me.

I read into some of the other options but didn’t contact any of them.

Coffee Blue seemed a lot more affordable and just better overall – the van is much nicer, for instance.

What’s the response been like from friends and family?


A lot of my family said: “Go for it. It’s a fantastic opportunity and it’s good to take a chance.”

Overall, the feedback was very good when I told them and they all supported me.

Mobile Coffee Van East Leicester

What advice would you give those interested in joining Coffee Blue?

Just go for it.

I know other franchisees have said it, but it’s as simple as that, really.

What’s your favourite coffee to make and drink?

Mocha – both to make and drink. I’ve always loved a mocha, but it’s probably the most unhealthy option out of them all.

I’ve definitely had to put in an extra few kilometres when running to burn off a mocha before *laughs*.

What are your hopes for the future?

Obviously, to build the business up to succeed.

Then, to become a two-van business and see where that takes me would be ideal.

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