Coffee Blue: Manchester East Mobile Coffee Van

Coffee Blue’s Premier Mobile Coffee Comes To East Manchester

Coffee Blue has launched a brand new mobile coffee service in the East Manchester and Stockport area.

Our newest franchisee Tony brings decades of experience running his own businesses and working in retail and hospitality.

We sat down (socially distanced) with him at Coffee Blue HQ to discuss his previous work, his hobbies and why he ended up with Coffee Blue

If you’re located in East Manchester/Stockport and would love for Tony to visit you at work or home on a daily basis, you can click here to book his services today.

You can also keep in touch with all things Coffee Blue Manchester East on their Facebook page.

Without further ado, here’s our talk with East Manchester’s latest and greatest mobile coffee service.


Tell us a bit about yourself

My name’s Tony Martin. I’m originally from Barrow-In-Furness in Cumbria

What sort of jobs you had previously?

I’ve served my time in the shipyard in Barrow. From there, I was a Financial Consultant for a short period of time.

I then went overseas to work as a holiday rep for eight years, working my way up to management in places like Corfu and Italy.

Coming back to the UK in 1999, I worked in the hospitality industry for hotels and pubs – I even bought a few of my own pubs and eventually a hotel.

I worked for myself for near enough six years, then moving back to Manchester where I worked in retail for 15 years.

Which leads me to where I am today.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Football’s my main interest, really. My dad was a pro footballer for Burnley and Morecambe so I grew up with it.

I’ve got an allotment where I grow my own fruit and veg. We’ve got an allotment in Barrow that’s been in the family for nearly 110 years.

That’s been getting me out the house so I’ve been enjoying that.

Films – I watch a lot of movies and TV. I’m dead keen on Line Of Duty.

I’ve even been on Pointless! I’ve got the trophy and everything!


What made you want to start your own franchise?

I’ve never been good with being told what to do. I decided I wanted to become my own boss again.

The main thing that made me choose franchising was cost. It’s an easy and cost-effective route back into becoming my own boss with the added benefit of having a support network behind you.

I had a look at a number of different franchises that were food-orientated, but was always interested in the barista lifestyle.

From that, I started looking at Coffee Blue and a couple of other competitors.

Why Coffee Blue?

The van. After meeting some of the competitors, I thought the Coffee Blue van was far, far superior.

Plus, the backup support and people behind Coffee Blue made me feel very comfortable.

After meeting the team, I knew they were the right guys to go into business with. The deal on offer was a massive thing as well.


What’s the response been like from friends and family?

There’s been some trepidation – but I think that’s mainly down to the pandemic. They know my work ethic is good enough to make it a success.

But we’ve been working on this for nearly 12 months. I think we’re launching now at just the right time.

It might be a quiet month to start, but as soon as everything opens back up in June and people return to work it’ll be really good.


What advice would you give those interested in joining Coffee Blue?

Come and see it for yourself. See the product, see the van, make the journey and meet the team.

Phone calls and Zoom meetings are great, but, for me, making the trip was so beneficial.

This has been in the pipeline for 12 months, and my passion for Coffee Blue hasn’t diminished at all during that time.


What’s your favourite coffee to make and drink?

I think my favourite to make is a cappucino because there’s a bit more theatre to it – getting the bubbles right and all that.

But I do like a latte. That’s probably my favourite to drink. And a mocha as well!


What are your hopes for the future?

For me, I want to enjoy what I’m doing.

Just being happy in the work I’m doing and the effort I’m putting in being for me and not for anyone else.

That’s the main thing: just enjoying what I’m doing and being happy


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