Martin on his first day with Coffee Blue


After Martin spent his first week delighting the people of Harrogate, we caught up with him to see how he was getting on; what he enjoyed and how he’s feeling about his new venture in mobile coffee.

So, Martin, you’ve just had your first week. How did it go?

Pretty good. There’s been lots of customers enjoying the coffee. I’ve got some new sites and new stops from when I first started, proving very fruitful. Sometimes I’ll go back in the afternoon to some places for another hit of coffee. It’s really nice to meet new people all the time; it’s been very well received by everyone. My first week has been a lot more successful than I anticipated and everyone’s really impressed with the van.

What have you been enjoying so far?

Chatting to the customers and meeting new people. I have some regular customers and always have new faces. It’s really nice to get regulars, and you get to know what they want.

What’s popular with your regulars?

Flavoured Lattes, usually with a shot of hazelnut

What have you learned in your first week?

Make sure everything’s fastened down before I drive off! There were a few days where the milk jug was flying everywhere.

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