Pete, Coffee Blue Milton Keynes

Coffee Blue’s Premier Mobile Coffee Comes To Milton Keynes

Coffee Blue has launched a brand new mobile coffee van in the Western Milton Keynes area.

Franchisee, Pete, will be bringing a new approach to his Coffee Blue business, geared towards home-workers who’re sorely missing delicious coffee on their way to the office!

Pete plans to split his round between the usual workplaces visits and domestic drops – like an ice cream van but for delicious award-winning coffee!

We sat down with Pete prior to launching to discuss his previous work in engineering, his football coaching role and much more.

If you’re looking to contact Pete about his services, CLICK HERE to book Coffee Blue Milton Keynes today.

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Without further ado, here’s our chat with Milton Keynes’ newest and best mobile coffee service:

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mobile coffee van milton keynes

Tell us a bit about yourself

My wife, Anna, describes me as hard-working, dedicated, funny and considerate, sometimes a bit grumpy, but I always get brownie points when I remember the small stuff!

Our boys, Charlie and Harry are absolutely our proudest moments!

What sort of jobs have you had previously?

Industrial manufacturing is where I’ve spent the last 30+ years.

My most recent role was to lead one of the Customer Value Streams at a company providing heavy-duty clutches and brakes for industrial applications around the world.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

For over 10 years, I’ve been involved in voluntary grassroots youth football – and I love it!

My boys, Charlie and Harry have both been lucky enough to have been coached by their Dad! If there was more time, I would play more golf, watch more football and spend a few more hours in the pub with my pals.

mobile coffee van milton keynes

What made you want to start your own franchise?

Running my own business has always been on the plan, and a franchise model is designed to reduce some of the risk.

Why Coffee Blue?

Since the year 2000, coffee is a business that has seen 20 consecutive years of growth.

It’s worth around £11 billion and predicted to keep growing for the foreseeable future. Who doesn’t love a great coffee!

What’s the response been like from friends and family?

Everyone is supportive and excited. They’ve started to sample the coffee and say it’s up there with the best!

mobile coffee van milton keynes

What advice would you give those interested in joining Coffee Blue?

Don’t underestimate the amount of work you’ll need to do to run your own franchise business – you’ll need to be everything yourself – from customer insights manager to waste disposal officer!

It’s hard work . . .I only started last week, so time will tell if it’s worth it!

What’s your favourite coffee to make and drink?

Making an Americano is easy, so that’s my favourite to make. But a Flat White has always been my personal favourite.

What are your hopes for the future?

2020 has brought us all many challenges, I would like 2021 to bring us all more hope for the future.

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