Coffee Blue is delighted to reveal our new Director – Martin!

Coffee Blue has named Franchise Manager, Martin Jones, as company Director.

Martin joined Coffee Blue as UK Franchise Manager in November 2018 after years in financial services. Since then, he has trained franchisees to make their businesses successful while also steering Coffee Blue as a whole towards success.

On his new role, he said:

Firstly, I have to say a massive thank you to Gareth & Colin for the opportunity to become Director of a business which I love and thrive in.

Since coming on board, Chris Taylor (Operations Manager) had already laid the foundations to build one of the best franchises in the UK.

I’m a really ambitious person anyway, and have run my own small businesses in the past – but this is something completely different.

With my background in customer services, finance, banking and relationship management, the role fulfils all of these experiences and combines them into one.

I have to thank all the staff at Coffee Blue and Vantastec for assisting in the success of the brand, and we have big expansion plans to grow even further through 2020 and beyond.

I must mention the franchisees who have made the brand and franchise a success and what it is today, thank you all you’ve smashed it so far and we’ll continue to grow together in the coming years.

This is a stepping stone for me personally that has seen all my efforts rewarded and the Directors have seen this in my work and passion to make Coffee Blue the largest and best coffee business on the market.

Stay tuned, there are more developments coming in 2020.

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