Why did you start Coffee Blue?

Coffee Blue was founded on our love for good coffee. Our founders, Gareth and Colin love nothing more than a cappuccino to fuel their day, and looked to bring that passion to the UK streets. With business know-how and an eye for a good market, they created Coffee Blue.

How did you get the name Coffee Blue?

When looking around for inspiration, Gareth and Colin discovered the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee bean, widely recognised for being one of the best quality coffees worldwide. This inspired us in choosing the name Coffee Blue. 

We’re not saying we’re the exact same as Jamaican Blue Mountain, but we want to be held in the same high esteem. Our drive is to take Coffee Blue worldwide and have the same level of recognition as Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee. 

Why does franchising cost so much in our industry?

Start-up costs throughout the industry vary immensely. We just concentrate on supplying the best value for money and don’t inflate the value of the franchise.

Being a mobile coffee franchisee, your biggest cost will be the purchase of your coffee vehicle.

We keep the quality high and the cost low by utilising our parent company, Vantastec, which is one of the country’s leading and highly recognised vehicle  converters. We guarantee to build a coffee van far superior, better equipped than any other van on the market and giving you the best value for money.

Why are Coffee Blue so competitively priced?

In the past, the mobile coffee industry never had competition and companies could gauge their business on what they felt was the most profitable route.

We’ve studied this industry in depth and we’ve realised mobile cafés don’t have to be so expensive. We came up with a realistic and affordable business cost without jeopardising any of the quality that’s required to make Coffee Blue a national success.

What sets Coffee Blue apart from its competitors?

It’s an important factor that the success of Coffee Blue is judged by the success of its franchisees, so we put our franchisees’ best interests at heart right from the beginning. Our continuous investment in research and development puts us right at the forefront of the mobile coffee industry.

Coffee Blue makes sure their franchisees have a clear understanding of what they are agreeing to and signing beforehand. Everything is transparent down to the management fees, franchise fees and van price, which is not hidden.

With our team of highly skilled and experienced managers, baristas and engineers, we aim to be the most supportive mobile coffee franchise around. This ensures you get the best service available,  that will drive your business forward.

With the latest technology we are able to build and promote a premium products having the only vehicle that is fully temperature controlled on the market.  We’d love for you to come and see it for yourself. We also have our own Coffee Blue app; one of our many commitments to leading the field and changing the game.

What can I expect from Coffee Blue?

There are so many benefits to joining Coffee Blue – we’d probably bore you if we listed them all, but here are a few!

From the offset we will give you the following for FREE:

  • £7500 worth of stock
  • Master barista training
  • EPOS (till system)
  • NCASS membership
  • Support and training
  • Door-to-door stock deliveries
  • Maintenance on the rent-to-buy option
  • Marketing
  • Social Media

You can also expect a van that’s second to none. 

We’re also offering full financial support from our division of FCA accredited salespeople. We understand that one option might not suit everyone, so we’re offering three: outright purchase, and personal finance.

With our experienced team of engineers nationwide, Coffee Blue is able to support our franchisees 24/7.