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Coffee Blue’s award-winning coffee beans are now available to buy wholesale.

Our signature blend is comprised of five different types of 100% Arabica bean from three separate continents. Its light-to-medium roast provides the perfect daily pick-me-up, ideal for milk-based drinks.

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About Our Coffee

Map of where our award winning coffee is grown - Brazil, Rwanda and India

Created initially to serve in our mobile coffee franchises, our signature blend has received unanimous praise from coffee lovers throughout the country.

The blend is a light/medium roast for a higher dose of caffeine, full-bodied with winey undertones and gentle notes of spices. Combining this with a noteworthy citrus taste and low-acidity, it’s easy to see why it’s a crowd-pleaser.

Our beans are grown at high altitudes in Brazil, Rwanda and India, resulting in a denser bean and a more flavoursome taste – perfect for espresso-based favourites like a latte or cappuccino.

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Multi-purpose beans to suit all brewing methods
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Looking for a premier coffee machine to complement our signature beans? Coffee Blue offers a range of different machines from leading manufacturers in the coffee industry.

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