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Coffee Blue Biodegradable Cups Now Available In All Coffee Blue Vans

Coffee Blue has started introducing biodegradable cups to all of our mobile coffee vans.

Some of you eagle-eyed Coffee Blue regulars may have noticed we have started using different cups on our vans. And there is a very special reason for that.

Following a successful trial period, we are excited to say that all Coffee Blue vans will now be using 100% biodegradable coffee cups for all hot drinks.

Our new Coffee Blue  cups are 100% biodegradable

Why go biodegradable?

All aspects of our franchise are built with sustainability in mind.

Our vans have the lowest carbon footprint out of any mobile coffee van on the road, our trading territories are mapped out to limit travel distances between stops and some of our franchisees even give leftover food waste to local homeless shelters and composters.

But we still felt there was still one thing missing – and it is was with our cups. Which is why we are delighted to announce the introduction of biodegradable ones to all our vans.

Our new  Coffee Blue cups even feature a checklist for all of your favourite coffees. So no more confusion if you’re buying a round!

Benefits of being biodegradable

  • Greatly reduced carbon emissions
  • Reduced air, groundwater and soil pollution
  • Compostable: will decay into natural materials that harmlessly blend into the soil
  • No need for harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Uses 65% less energy than petroleum-based plastics during the manufacturing cycle
  • Cups can be recycled, resulting in less waste in landfill sites
  • Takes less time to fully decompose


Even the lids on our new Coffee Blue cups are biodegradable!

Coffee Blue also offers discounts on all drinks served in reusable coffee cups. So, make sure you bring yours the next time your nearest van pays you a visit!

Be sure to also check out our post on everything we are doing to help the environment.

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