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West Brom, say hello to your new favourite mobile coffee service

Meet Steve & Sabrina, the latest members of Team Coffee Blue. The father and daughter combo will be patrolling the West Brom area, providing barista-quality coffee from Coffee Blue’s award-winning mobile coffee van.

Steve hopes his new venture will help him take back control of his life while providing Sabrina with an opportunity to take a step into the world of business. From Steve’s background in hotel management to Sabrina’s love for the Sims, here’s everything you need to know about Coffee Blue West Brom before their launch in March 2020.

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Tell us a bit about yourselves


I’m 54, married to Jo and have a daughter named Sabrina who’ll be helping me on the van.

What sort of jobs have you had previously?


My first job was in a jewellery manufacturer. Then, I went into security and then the hospitality sector, working in hotels, bars, restaurants and so forth. After that, I became a delivery driver, which leads to where I am today in joining Coffee Blue.

What do you both like to get up to in your spare time?


In my spare time, I like reading, spending time with my wife and child – who is no longer a child. Going out, holidays; that sort of thing.


I like cooking food, sleep, playing sims, I’m a bit of a gamer at times. Back on the PS3, my favourite game was ‘Beyond: Two Souls’, but now I’d say my favourite game is the Sims 4.

What made you (Steve) want to start your own business?

My last company, when I started there, they had got loads of big contracts. But as time went on, those contracts started dropping off so there was less and less. I thought it was time for me to go out on my own and have my destiny in my own hands. I know then that if I work hard, it goes well.

Sabrina, what made you want to get involved with the franchise?

I’d just finished college and I was supposed to go to Uni, but the college had shut down my course so I was left in limbo. The course was Travel and Hospitality Management, I wanted to get into the travel and tourism industry.

I started making food and giving it to my friends and they were saying, “You need to start a business.” At first, I was just going to start a business around college. Then we went to the NEC franchise show and saw Coffee Blue and decided “Yeah, we should do this.”

What stood out most to you about Coffee Blue?


The support. Definitely, the support you get. It’s a family, it really is. It’s really good having people like Martin, Sean and Karen who are there every step of the way and answer any questions you may have. It really makes starting your own business that much easier.

What has the response been like from friends and family?


Some were a bit sceptical to start with. But the more we explained, showed them the van and told them what was happening, they’d become more supportive. Most of them now are very supportive.


My friends thought it was a good idea. They want free coffee off me now which is a good thing. We won’t charge them for coffee, we’ll charge them £2.50 for the cup *laughs*.

What advice would you give someone thinking of starting a Coffee Blue franchise?


Do your research. Look where you wanna go, see what the competition is and basically listen to what Coffee Blue are telling you because they know what you are doing.

What is your favourite coffee to make/drink?


Cappuccino, I like making a cappuccino. I can froth the milk!


I like making lattes. Lattes are my favourite drink.

What are your hopes for the future?


I hope everything goes well, give a good start in life to my daughter with the business and go from there.


In the future, I want to open my own cafe, in order to make some sandwiches and sell some products of my own. I could make my dad sandwiches to sell on the van then. The idea is to make the two connected.

I also want to try and open a restaurant and, hopefully, by the time I’m 50 open a hotel as well.

To stay up-to-date with how Steve and Sabrina’s round is going, you can like their Facebook page here. To view our full list of franchisees, click here.

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